G2 road test: Complete guide/essential tips to pass your road test

Nothing beats getting your driver’s license and finally being able to hit the road and go on adventures. First, you must pass the requisite driving tests, which comprise knowledge or written examinations and road tests or driving exams, at a driving test facility in your province. While the former is the first screening procedure based on the Official Driver’s Handbook of the Ministry of Transportation, the latter are road tests encompassing the G2 and G-levels. The G2 road exam is meant to assess your fundamental driving skills over 20 minutes on city streets.

  The G2 exit test is more concerned with showmanship than with driving. If you have been driving for a long time, you have developed a set of abilities that will assist you in navigating the streets of Ontario. Unfortunately, you must forget those talents for those 20 minutes of the examination and demonstrate a different set of skills that the examiners are searching for. Here our professionals gathered a piece of information that helps you how to get it.

 At “Good Drivers, we are all about keeping driving lessons simple. We make an effort to pass on the knowledge that will assist you in becoming a safe and competent driver on the road. This will not only keep your life safe, but it will also keep the lives of other people on the road safe. Our students are taught to ensure that the city’s roadways are safe.

First, check over the official manual online. It will give you a good understanding of what you should do. In essence, each movement is divided into multiple steps that must be completed to pass the test. The following are the most critical moves you will be needed to perform:

  • Begin with a parked vehicle.
  • Passing through a STOP intersection.
  • Passing through an ALL-WAY STOP junction.
  • Passing through a traffic crossroads.
  • Changing lanes in a residential or commercial neighborhood.
  • Getting on and off highways.
  • On a roadway, changing lanes.
  • Turning three points.
  • Emergency hinder.
  • Parking in parallel.

If you plan to take the test soon, here are some practical driving suggestions to help you pass:

  • Properly grip the steering wheel.

The general guideline is to maintain both hands on the driving wheel at all times. Hold the wheel firmly in either the “10 and 2” or “9 and 3” position. Then, always control the car with your hands and never let the wheel “slide back” after each turn.

  • Drive at or below the posted speed limit.

It is stressed throughout your classroom and in-car driving that you must properly adhere to highway traffic speed limits. If the speed restriction is 100km/h, you must not exceed it and drive at city traffic speeds. It is still recommended to stay below the speed limit throughout your driving test to avoid being charged or hit by another vehicle.

  • Avoid using rolling stops.

Rolling stops, of course, are a no-no. It would be best to come to a complete stop at the interaction since failure to do so may result in a traffic ticket. Before pressing the pedal again, make sure you stay for at least two to three seconds at every stop sign.

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  • Inspect your mirrors

The mirrors in your automobile are there for a reason, so make sure they are securely fastened and appropriately positioned. Make careful to scan them every five seconds throughout the real driving exam. Check them ahead of time if you are planning to make a turn. Do not do this covertly, as you’ll want your tester to see that you’re following the process.


  • Do not be concerned about offending other drivers.

During the G2 exam, you must concentrate on what you are meant to perform rather than what other drivers tell you. Your inspector will not worry if you get honked for going the speed limit while others drive faster. What matters most is that you follow the road regulations when you go on the road.

Because the G2 driving exam is designed to assess your fundamental driving abilities, you must be well versed in the fundamentals and perform to the best of your ability. Follow the above practical guidelines to stay on track and acquire your driver’s license before progressing to more advanced driving skills via the G road test.

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