Ontario – How To Prepare For The G2 Road Test

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If you are a new driver like many others, you undoubtedly feel anxious about your G2 road test (known as your G1 Exit). You may get a G2 driving Lesson from our “Good Drivers” Driving school Mississauga to assist in you to to get ready for your road test! “The Good Drivers” Driving School’s program is created to […]

Ontario Full G License: Requirements, Cost and Difficulties

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Drivers in Ontario must get a G-class license to operate a car, van, or compact truck. To do this, drivers must go through the province’s graduated licensing system, which begins with the G1 license and finishes with the G license. In particular, if they are young, adding a second driver to your insurance coverage might […]

Things You Can’t Do On Your Ontario G2 Road Test

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Are you concerned about passing the G2 exam? The G2 exam, the last barrier to obtaining a full driving license, is renowned for being challenging to pass. The safe bet, according to experts, is to maximize your time spent practicing your driver lessons in your car that you learned during your enrollment in driving school […]

Four D’s of impaired driving: What risk factors do all drivers face?

On the road, there are a variety of possible dangers. An automobile accident could be caused by anything from unusual weather to a technical breakdown. The majority of the time, however, the reasons for crashes are significantly more common and predictable. That suggests the accident may have been avoided if the driver had practiced safe […]

Journey to “G” How to get your G license in Ontario

Driving in Canada is a great opportunity to learn about a new nation. After all, from coast – to – coast, there is enough breathtaking beauty to enjoy. To drive lawfully in Canada, you will need a driver’s license issued by your province or territory. Here is all you need to know about getting your […]

Winter Driving Tips

Be prepared for winter driving! Check your vehicle Get your vehicle winter-ready with a maintenance check-up. Carry an ice scraper and washer fluid effective to -40oC. Keep your fuel tank at least half full. Consider installing four winter tires. You’re eligible for an auto insurance discount if you use them! Plan ahead, use your judgment […]