Why only choose MTO Approved Driving School for Drivers Training?

Learning to do things correctly from the start is the most significant way to master a new skill, especially driving. The days of your parents bringing you out to an empty parking lot and teaching you how to drive are almost over. It is now more essential than ever to learn how to drive correctly from a licenced driving school and teacher. With more cars, congested highways, an increase in distracted driving, and vehicles with more technology and features than ever before, possessing the fundamental driving abilities is vital to being a safe and successful driver. Unfortunately, many individuals assume that all driving schools are the same; but in reality, they are not. If you do not choose the right driving school, learning to drive a car can be one of the most time-consuming jobs. The school should not only teach you the regulations, but it should also help you comprehend your responsibilities.

Driving schools recognized and registered by the government have the power to obtain a licence from the Ministry of Transportation (MTO). Thus, if you are a teen or a student, you may be able to get an MTO-approved G Driver Educational course for free or at a reduced cost. Isn’t it incredible? This is why it is essential to register for driving lessons with an MTO-approved driving school. Unfortunately, while there are numerous driving schools to select from, the fact is that many are either not Ministry certified or have had their MTO accreditation withdrawn.

There are two significant advantages to choosing an MTO-approved driving school. They are as follows:

  • The possibility to take your G2 driving test within eight months of receiving your G1
  • You may be eligible for a discount on your interest amount.

An MTO-approved driving school will also ensure that you receive high-quality driving training. If you want to register in an MTO approved drivers training school in Canada, “Good Drivers” is the best option. “Good Drivers” was founded in 1981 to provide inexpensive, high-quality driving instruction to all community members. Our main goal is to teach students the skills; they’ll need to pass the road test and, more significantly, to train safe drivers who can protect themselves on the road regardless of what others do. We are a Ministry Approved Course Provider and a member of the Ontario Safety League. By completing our Driving lessons in Mississauga, you will be eligible for the maximum insurance discount and a four-month decrease in the waiting time. Our staff of expert instructors is Ministry of Transportation qualified, highly experienced, and extremely patient and kind. The Car driving school Mississauga are delighted to have a 90 per cent first-time pass rate with our comprehensive training programs.

Driving schools that are MTO authorized must provide a minimum of 40 hours of in-class training and 20 hours of in-car driving instruction. This guarantees that you receive the necessary training regardless of whatever MTO-approved institution you choose.

We are all aware that insurance for new and young drivers is the most expensive. However, you can save anywhere from 10% to 25% when you finish a government-approved drivers education program. It is worth investing time and money in a drivers training program just for this reason. This may potentially add up to hundreds of dollars in annual expense savings if done consistently. Driver’s education also saves a lot of money on insurance in the long run. You’ll save more cash right away, as well as on future policy renewals. Furthermore, because you have gotten adequate training, you will be less likely to be involved in an accident or submit a car insurance claim, which will save you money. Once you’ve finished driver training, all you have to do now is give your insurance with your Canadian Driving History report and your driver training certificate as proof of completion.

When it comes to driving lessons, it is essential not to shop just on pricing. To prepare for your road test and to develop excellent driving habits, you must get high-quality coaching. Taking driving lessons from a non-MTO certified driving school puts you in danger of not obtaining enough training. When evaluating your driving school alternatives, take your time. Choose the finest school for you rather than the cheapest. Keep in mind that you get what you pay for.

Now the question arises why you should choose Good Driver for drivers training? Because we are a Ministry approved reputable drivers training school in Mississauga and Brampton. We have received the 2020 Consumer Choice Award and named the Top Rated Driver Training Center in Mississauga. With over 800 Google reviews from our locations, we are proud to say that our customers have consistently complimented our Instructors as the best. So for driver training, feel free to contact us. Our administrative team is competent, experienced, and pleasant. They will offer you comprehensive support and advice throughout the Driver Training Program till you obtain your driver’s licence.